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Sunday, July 26, 2009

What do you know about our country'India that is Bharat?

Past, Present and Future

Preface : This article was written nearly a decade back in April 1999 on the basis of information then collated from a number of different sources and compiled together by self (BAIYU).As one may observe on going through this writing where ever available the source has been acknowledged and where not done so ,it is based on some information that appeared then on net.

This write up is now being released through this Web site for the pleasure of reading by my Friends and Well wishers of Kavitanjali family and to share their thoughta if any with the compiler (Self)Baiyu.It is meant purely for an enjoyable reading and is not meant to disturb the feelings of any.

Lastly the contents of this writing,being based purely on borrowed information from a number of sources,need not necessarily reflet in some cases the compiler's opinion.


Information given below was compiled from one of the German magazines dealing with World History.

----India is the only country that has not invaded any other country in her last Ten thousand years of History.
----It is the only society in the world ,which has never known slavery.
----It is in this country where the number system was first invented when Aryabhatta invented the number Zero.
----It was again in this country that the world's first University was established in Takshila in 700BC.The University of Nalanda built in 4th century was one of the greatest achievements of anciant India in the field of education.
----Sanscrit,the mother tongue of all languages,had its origin in this country and being most precise is considered a suitable language for computer soft ware (Ref.Forbes Magazine --July 97.)
----It was in this country that Ayurveda,the earliest school of Medicine known to Humans,was consolidated by Charaka,the Father of Medicines,nearly 2500 years ago and is the only known system which takes a Holistic View of the person being treated.
----India was the Richest Country on Earth until the time of British in the early
17th century and attracted by its wealth Christopher Columbas,while looking for a route to India discoered the American Continent.
----It was in the River Sindh in this country that the art of Navigation was born 6000 years ago.The very word Navigation is derived from the Sanskrit word Navgatih and the word Navy is derived from the Sanscrit word "Nou".
----It was again in this country way back in 5th century AD,long before the Astronomer Smart came on the scene,it was BHASKARACHRYA,who was the first to establish the time taken by the earth to orbit the Sun at 365.258756484 days.
----Similarly the value of PAI was first calculated by Budhayana and it was he who was the first to explain the concept of what is now known as the Pythogorean theory way back in 6th century AD long before the European mathematician.
----Algebra,Trigonometry and Calculus originated from India.Quadratic equations were propounded by Sridharacharya in the 11th century AD.
----The largest number used by Greeks and Romans was 10 to the power 6 whereas Hindus used numbers as big as 10 to the power 53 with specific names way back in 5000BC during the Vedic period.
----According to the Gemological Institute of USA,until as recent as 1896,India was the only source for Diamonds to the World.
----USA based IEEE proved what has been a century old suspicion in the World scientific community that the pioneer of Wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi.
----The earliest Reservoir and Dam for irrigation was built in Saurashtra.According to Saka King Rudradaman-I of 150 BC a beautiful lake aptly called Sudarshana was constucted on the hills of Raivataka during Chandragupta Maurya's time.
----Chess (Shataranja or Asthapada)was invented in India.
----Susrruta,the Father of Surgery,way back 2600 years ago,along with other surgeons of his time,conducted complicated surgeries like Cesareans,Cataract,Artificial Limbs,Fractures,Urinary Stones and even Plastic and Brain surgery.
----Usage of Anesthetia was well known in ancient India.Over 125 surgical Instruements were then in use.Deep knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology,Ethiology, Embryology, Digestion metabolism Genetics and Immunity are also found in many texts.
----When many cultures were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago,Indians established Harapan culture in Indus Valley Civilisation.
----The Decimal system was developed in India way back in 100 BC.

----If this is not adequate,would you like to know what two leading personalities from the West have to say about India?

----Albert Einstein has said----
----"We owe a lot to the Indians ,who taught us how to count without which no worthehile scientific Discovery could have been made."

----Mark Twain has said ------
----" India is -----
*The cradle of the Human Race.
*The Birth place of Human speech.
----*The Mother of History.
----*The Grandmother og Legend.
----*And The Great Grndmother of tradition".

Such a great Country of ours ,which in the past had left Foot Steps for others to follow,is today being considered Under Developed, taken for granted and as one of little consequence.OH, what a fall is this my Countrymen?You, I and all of us have fallen due to our own making.If we are the cause for this fall,we alone are the ones who can make our Country arise.


Well Friends,would you not then like to know what the French Peer ,NOSTRODAMOUS, the man 'who saw tomorrow'has to say about the future of INDIA as he saw it more than 400 years ago and as found recorded in Quatrain in his famous 'Centuries'published way back in 1555.


Quatrain 50 Century
-----"From the Peninsula where three seas meet
-----Comes the Ruler to whom Thursday is holy
-----His Wisdom and Might all Nations will greet
-----To oppose him in Asia will be folly".

Quatrain 75 Century
-----"Long awaited He will not take birth in Europe
-----India will produce the Immortal Ruler
-----Seeing Wisdom and Power of unlimited scope
-----The World will bow to this conquering scholar".


Nostradamus predicts a glorious future for India.He has foreseen the rise of a mighty all conquering Hindu Nation.Its birth is close at hand.The Seer predicts that after a gruesome Holy War spread over nearly Seven years from the early current 21st century the ancient way of Hinduism will get restored.Vedic chants will again fill the air.The French Peer predicts that after the end of the war starting from around the end of this decade,from around 2020 AD onwards the Restucturing of our country would begin and spread over the following three decades,the Golden Age Of India will get restored from 2050 onwards.

To Conclude

Life thrives on hope.History is known to repeat itself.

May the above prophesy of the French Peer come true and may this country of ours,India that is Bharat,arise to lead the world once again.

Compiled by---------- Mumbai
Baiyu April 1999.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Jealousy is anger, jealousy is hate

Jealousy may lurk behind any hidden gate

Jealousy is deadly, under the night sky

Jealousy is a poison, that many die by.

Jealousy may end as soon as it begins

It may also go on without your consent

Jealousy can be a tool, controlled by one

It may also be a weapon, maximising the damage done

Ideal, fantasies, limited by a gate

Narrow minded people are those whom I hate

They may work up a fierce debate

In the end all their brains can’t fill up a crate

Open your eyes, and see

What I mean by reality

You noticed the others but forgot about me

So suffer the effects or my jealousy.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

In My Room

In my room
there is a profusion of words.
Words that have poured
out of the books,
stacked in the order of confusion.
Rows upon rows having marched out
picketed themselves in defiance of me.
Words unread and uncared for
preventing me from knowing their meaning
a depth of order in their lateral disorder.
And then there are the words,
having leaked out of restless dreams,
have taken refuge in the crevices.
Like roaches hiding from light
but nibbling away at a good-night's sleep.
Helter-skelter do they run,
as breaks the dawn
and its a voyeur who is left behind.
Some words though
have dropped out of conversations.
Words not assimilated
into the structure of thought
or the fluidity of understanding.
Orphans they are, spoken to be heard
but unheeded and unheard ,hence, contextless
have meaning but are identity-less.
Oh! these damned words
how bitterly do they fight
to make their own all the space available,
or to create a whole new space of their own,
to create a conscious identity,
or to own one like me,
to reclaim me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A song of Love...

In your eyes that reflects shades of kohl,
rest my eyes stealing your nectar divine...
Your suave cheeks that wears black mole,
yearns my kiss, lingering like wetness of wine...
Words from my lips flutter but only for you,
like a bee hums a flower, I love you, I love you...

In your breath that scents the love around,
sinks my breath, forever in an endless time...
Your locks, like the fairies locks are bound,
when loose, cast a magic like a reckless chime...
Glances from my eyes escape but only to see you,
like a ray escapes sun to embrace a morning dew...

In your stride that sways like flowers of spring,
dances with mine in an enchanting tune...
Your voice, like cold showers of summer sing,
drives me insane like a peacock in monsoon...
The air's soft and moonlight teasing but only for you,
like a playful kiss that whispers , I love you, I love you...

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Friday, July 18, 2008





Thursday, July 10, 2008

The ballad of a king and a spiritual horse

Amidst the lush woods of a hamlet
in an auspicious full moon night.
Arrived a hermit with a horse,
a horse, that was magical and white.

And as he rode by the road,
he decided to take some rest.
The King then with disdainful bow,
offered him a cottage as guest.

The hermit very wise and humble
smiled and slept in peace, all night.
On a floor without a cot he slept
and woke up until next morrow light.

“O majestic one, the king you are”,
said hermit, his voice very low.
“Ask for a benediction, you like,
and I shall grant you, for sure”.

“O Kind one, the hermit you are”,
said the king , his head held high.
“Grant me, the white magical horse
and I shall remember you till I die.”

“Amen”, uttered hermit, with a balm.
“Chant Thank God, and the horse gallops.
Chant Thank God again for faster gait
and chanting “Save me” ,the horse stops”.

Without gratitude, he laughed at hermit.
His chin held high, he leapt on the horse.
Thank God he shouted and Thanks God again
and the horse trotted without any remorse.

Felt the king brave and excited,
ran the religious horse with pledge.
For he wanted to reach before dawn,
afar from village, the mountain edge.

Thank God, Thank God, Thank God
and Thank God chanted the king.
Under sky and amid trees it flew,
like horse that had magical wing.

Under the blazing sun he rode,
with celerity , towards the cliff
But Alas! Forgot he the other word,
to stop the horse stand stiff.

Stricken with panic, the king shouted,
“Thank God , Thank God”, as the only words
and the horse only galloped with more pace.
But Alas! Thank God only he remembered.

He prayed to God at hour of need
as he was riding on the death’s floor.
Riding, he reached very near to cliff.
The distance to it was just meters four.

Closing his eyes, obliviously he cried
“Save me , Save me , O lord”.
And hearing this, the other mantra,
the spiritual horse, there and then paused.

And when the king let his eyes opened,
he found at the cliff the horse was paused.
But Alas !with a deep breath, he sighed again,
“Thank God, Thank God, O lord”.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Kavitanjali Poetry Blog: HAPPINESS FEST

Kavitanjali Poetry Blog: HAPPINESS FEST

Dear Mukul,
I enjoyed reading Ur poem 'HAPPINESS FEST'.A simple thought very well portrayed in words and so true to Life.Well done keep it up.
I trust you are keeping track of my writings under
the blog site----http://poemsbybaiyu.blogspot.com
some of which also appear under Kavitanjali.Awaiting UR feedback.Regards BAIYU

Friday, May 23, 2008

Vellenelle to a Weekend

Rejoice my soul! This scintillating evening,
Shout my heart! Shout your way out.
Coz’ its weekend time of rolling and rocking.

Drink and chase the highest kite sailing,
In the sky, dive tipsy go rolling about.
Rejoice my soul! This scintillating evening.

Dance your body like none is watching,
Move them in and move them out.
Coz’ its weekend time of rolling and rocking.

Wear the enthuse gears and lets go driving,
On starry night, singing throughout.
Rejoice my soul! This scintillating evening.

No office, no work and no waking up in morning,
It’s time for fun, for frolic and freak-out.
Coz’ its weekend again of rolling and rocking.

Party, hard before next week trudging,
Who cares for the Monday workout.
Coz’ its weekend time of rolling and rocking.
So, rejoice my soul! This scintillating evening.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mortal Wish

Monday, May 12, 2008


In the sanctum sanctorum
lies the remains
of One once adored
Streaks of vermilion
still adorns the
variegated visage
The floor lies strewn
with floral offerings
harshly rejected
Amongst the debris
of a broken heart
recumbent lies the God
no more erect
The gushing flow
of reality
washed away
those feet of clay

The stench
of perishing untruths
the follower nauseates
A believer turns agnostic
and with a cynical smile
from the ruins walks away..

7th may 2008

Saturday, May 03, 2008

To The Ungrateful Organism @ VH71

Didn’t you give me whiplash?
Oh right, you tossed me in trash
Tsk, inaudible was the smash

I am unhappy about wasted bucks
Your relationship seriously sucks

Those days have marked tasteless
My precious time jogged useless

But thanks for teaching about your genus
Next time, I would stay away from the menace

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Impeachable though impeccable?

The impeccable sight
Of the unseen consciousness
Is impeachable once it’s seen;
The lure of blunt insights
Is the blight of humanity,
In plight we still pray
So that our faith won’t ravel.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 130408.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Grownups' Nursary Rhyme

Scintillate,Scintillate Deminutive Asteroid
How I Wonder What Thou Art
Up Above The Space So High
Like A Sparkling Carbon In The Sky.

This when rewritten in simple words Will become The Famous Nursary Rhyme For Children----

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder What You Are
Up Above The Sky So High
Like A Diamond In The Sky."

Composed By Baiyu Mumbai April 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008

clean your house in ten minutes?

Clean your house in ten minutes?

It is not cleaning my house in ten minutes,
Much of clearing the pile of ten meters,
more of dust and bin and baskets and bamboo,
Cleaning and cleaning, carefully clearing,
Every nook and corner, the fallen cobwebs
On the shiny wooden floors,
My mop wipes the running sweat too,
It is not cleaning my house in ten minutes,
More of cleansing my body as well,
for the more I perspire, I aspire,
it is not cleaning my house in ten minutes.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Unfulfilled desires
Long dead in the emptiness
Of soul, lingers,
Still fresh - and murderous.

Unfulfilled desires
Freed long ago
Not anticipated, all still
A free mind lays bare - a heaven.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 230208.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Have you ever been in a crowd, yet you felt alone?
Have you ever been in a house, that wasn’t a home?
How you ever been running fast but going no where?
Though you were loved but didn’t care?
That’s how I was for so many years.
I was smiling outside; but inside there were tears.
But the moment I met you, the day all my dreams came true.
You, nobody but you, made me feel that way, for
You, nobody but you, I pledge all my love!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Dream Within

A dream within
As chaste as first drop of dew,
As bright as first ray of sun,
As clear as a crystal,
As sweet as cube of sugar;

Will make u feel happy,
Will inspire u to accomplish it,
Will circulate blood so,
To revive u to fulfill it;

By the end of the day
As last drop of sweat falls from ur head
Dream will become fainter and fainter,
As dim as last ray of sun,
As fuzzy as smoky sky
,As bitter as gourd;

Will make u numb,
Will depress u,
Will circulate blood so
As if u have been revived to lose again.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


people are nice and people are good
only we should accept them as they would
for there is a world full of smiles and fun
and entry is open to all ,forbidden to none
so come and join me in my quest

treat this as an invitation or request
let us make at least one person happy per day
and organise a happiness fest

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wishes on your special day

You....my dear friend
a friend in need
a friend in deed
you are always there
in my happiness
in my sadness
sharing the good times
and the bad times
you.... a wonderful friend
with so much of care and love
I just could not thank you much
for everything you have done for me
i will always treasure your friendship
and as 20th. January is a special day
i wish you 'Many More Happy Returns Of The Day'
may God Bless you
showers you with lots of love
happiness and good health
love you as always my dear friend.

The Pangs Of A School Boy

I Love To Get up on A Holiday Morn
And Hear the Birds Singing On every Tree
The distant neighbour Blows His Horn
I Wait For Him To Join Me.

Together We Study,Skip And Run
Enjoy The Morn Every Possible Way
The Birds Singing All Along
Make us Cherish Every Moment Of Day.

All Such Studies Made Under the Trees
With The Birds Singing All The Time
I Find,I Cherish And Remember well
Why Then I Can't Do This Every Day?

To Go To Studies On Other Days
It Drives From Me All My Joys Away
Under The Eagle Eyes My Master Casts
I Spend The Day To My Utter Dismay.

Tis Then At Times I Go To Shell
Remain In My Own Dreamy World
Many Such Anxious Moments I Spend
Till Brought To Earth, By My Teacher,Who Else?

The High Domed Walls With Marble Floors
Stacked With Wooden Planks Galore
To Me Appear Grey And Dull
With Mother Nature Just At A Moment's Throw.

How Can A Bird Born For Joy
Be Asked To Sit In A Cage And Sing?
How Can A Boy Who Nature Loves
Be Asked To Study In A Concrete Den?

Oh My Loving Mom And Dad
I Know Your Interest Lies In Me
But If Stripped Of My Infant Joy
How Can I Feel It Ever In Me?

Study I Must,I know, I Will
But Let Me Study The Natural Way
Let Me Join The Birds In The Trees
And Enjoy Their Singing As I Study Beneath.

Composed By BAIYU---Mumbai December 2006
@all rights reserved.do not copy.

Know Thyself

When as a child, I asked my mother
Pray why am I born in this world
She dazed and paused but smiled and said
"Dear,to grow,earn and live well".

Live well I did and years rolled by
Yet my quest remained unanswered
And so I asked my Kith and Kin
Pray why am I born in this world?

Ofcourse they said in corus aloud
To look after us all well
I smelt their greed but took all in stride
The quest remained unanswered.

As I grew in age and wisdom
With my hair turning grey
I asked myself the unanswered quest
Pray why am I born in this world?

Lo and Behold the answer came
That I knew was right comjng from my heart
To know MY SELF and the SELF IN ME
And to see the same in my Fellow Hearts.

As I pondered well and deep
Clarity followed like the Day after Dawn
Birth I will have again and again
Till the Self In Me Is Seen By Me In All.

Composed By ---BAIYU Mumbai Jan 2002
@rights reserved.do not copy.


Note---This Poem Was Specially Composed And Dedicated To All Recruiters On The Occasion Of National Recruiters Day Celebrated In Mumbai On 9th March 2007. As The Composer (self) Is Engaged At The Moment As A Management Consultant In a Recruitment Company After Retirement From Regular Service,I Also Got The Opportunity To Present And Read Out This Poem In a Forum Held In Mumbai On this Occasion.

Blessed Is He, A Born Recruiter
And Also The one Who Yearns To Be
Brings An Aura Of Joy Galore
As He Recruits People Like You And Me.

To Please One,You Displease another
Is The Saga Of Life As One Doth See
In This Midst,Apart He Stands
Doubly Blessed,Truly Is He.

I Remember Those Days Of Mine
How I Longed For A Job To Hold
No Recruiter Was Then On Sight
To Bail Me Out Of My Pain,I Know.

How Fortunate My Successors Are
You Have A Recruiter In Place For You
Knowing The Pain You Feel On Asking
He Gives You The Pleasure Of Being Asked.

From One Of Asking To One Being asked
The Pleasure One Gets Only Do I Know
Having seen The Days Of Scarce
I Can See Clearly The Recruiter's Role.

Shall I Call You a Magician,Oh Recruiter
For The Changes You Bring In One's Life?
With Your Magic wand,The Recruitnent Skill
You Are Now An Icon In The Corporate World.

You Are Also A Specialist In Your Own Right
No Less Skilful Than A Lawyer In Court
Perhaps You Are Both Moulded In One
More I see You, More I Gasp---Behold.

I Bow To Thee,Oh Recruiter
For The Noble Role You Play
As I Pray To My Lord In Heaven Above
May Your Tribe Increase.

Composed By BAIYU----Mumbai 08 March 2007.
@all rights reserved.do not copy.

The Woods

When I First Wandered Deep In The Woods
Twas A Long Time Ago
I Was Then A Lad Of Ten Years Old
Living In A World Of My Own.

I felt No Fear, Neither Stress Nor Strain
Stillness Held Me Though,Twas Only When
The Sun Set and The Moon Gave No Light
I Cared To return Home.

When I Came To The Same Woods Again
Later As A Man With Dreams And Hopes
I Felt a Change In Me, I Knew
As I Paused To Walk Alone.

I Wished A Mate To Hold My hands
And To walk With Me and Roam
But Finding None ,The Woods Gave No Delight
I Longed To Return Home.

As Seasons Changed And I Grew In Age
I Came To The Same Woods Again
I Then Mingled With The Nature Around
And Found It a Place Fit For My Home.

The Woods was The same And So was I
Yet To Me It Changed With Time
Tell Me Friends, Why This If U Can
Or Is It By God Destined To Be So?

Composed By BAIYU ----- Mumbai June 1992
@all rights reserved.do not copy.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Who am I ?

I went in search of my Master one day
To know from him the ultimate say
To seek an answer to my eternal quest

To this my Master answered thus
This cannot be taught by anyone yet
One can know this only thro' Self
Can at best help me find my way.

As I seeked his help to guide me thro'
He prepared the base by Saying Thus
What you are does not change
And what changes is not you.

With this as base He further said
He would query me to which I reply
One reply leading to another query
Would help me address my unanswered quest.

The process appeared simple and plain
Readily agreed to what He said
To the maiden Query my Master put,who
I think I am, I mentioned my name.

On my so saying my Master countered
Were you not christened after you were born?
Being so you were present before you were named
How then you say you are your name?

I then realised His logical thought
Besides being christened days after birth
Name can still change without me changing
This being so how can I be my name?

Realising this I asked my Master
To proceed further querying me
He said He has the only same query
Who I now think I am?

Chastened from my earlier lapse
I answered with caution,am my Father's son
To which my Master retorted thus
Are you not also Father to your Son,
Husband to your wife, Brother to your sister,
Student to your teacher and many such Roles,
All capped in one ?

This being true, how can I be what I said
which is different at different times
I so said meekly to my Master
I realise, I realise what I am not.

You are then in the right track, my Master said
To know what you are,must know what you are not
I hence ask you once over again
Who you now think you are ?

Prompt came my reply now
Feeling certain I was right
My body,this body,tis'what I am
Being with me from cradle to my grave.

My Master smiled,a mischievous smile twas'
Noting my confidence born out of ignorence
Are you certain your body does not change,
As only then you can be your body as you say.

Knowing my Master and His wisdom well
I paused and pondered at His say
Tis the body that changes as a person grows
From Infant to Youth ,to Old Age onto Grave

Besides the body further changes thro'
Health,to Sickness and to Decay on days
If these be the changes the body goes thro'
How can I being changeless be my body as I say?

Knowing my Master would tell me the same
I ventured to correct without waiting for His say
Tis not my body Oh Master,I realise,tis' my mind
Which is me,am sure of what I say.

My Master to this paused to respond,For
A moment I thought I was in the right
Little did I realise then,His pause arose
To my failing to see the Light.

With a deep breath my Master said
Think before giving tongue to your thought
If the body you realise changes fast
Do you think your mind ,if any,is lagging behind?

I felt small, crestfallen on my face
Slowly but steadily recouped myself
Realised the mind is ever so fickle
Changes its state every moment of day.

Mind is cheerful at a point of time
Moments later is sad and morone
Besides with body changing as it does
Tis' but well known,Mind does not lag behind.

Realising this I felt small and shaken
In casting my views with undue haste
Surrendered to my Master in all humility
Prayed He showed me the Light on the Way.

My Master patted at my back and said
No cause to feel any sorry or shame
This is the path one has to tread
You are treading it fast and in right way.

When to my Master I now cried in full
Unable to look any further beyond
My Master in His Infinite mercy
Chose to change the pathway for me.

He now ventured to address me thus
What you are is not just merely the same
Tis' also blissful at all times ever,Knowledge
Of this leaves all other happiness behind.

Sensing perhaps I was still not vlear
My Master chose not to await my response
Instead said to remember this
Material happiness is but transitory
The state of what you are is the
State of Bliss At All Times.

He now asked me pointed and blunt
How I felt after a deep sound sleep
And whether this feeling remained the same
Without any change in measure every time?

Startled at this query put with a Razor Edge
Unrelated I thought to what was so far said
My response to Him was instant and clear
A Blissful Joy I cannot explain.

You are right,said my Master,patting me again
This is the State of your Inner Self
This is where the Self in you,remains
Undisturbed by your body and mind
This is the state of Eternal Bliss
Beyond all Realms of Human Mind.

Seeing me shaken with a face that was blank
My Master ventured to throw further light
Without my asking He proceeded thus
This state of yours is the same for all
Is neither born nor does It die
Remains unaffected by emotions within
Also unaffected by the external world
Is the state you realise your True Inner Self
Knowledge of this makes worldly life futile and naive.

Although I felt what told was clear
Creeping doubts surfaced in my mind
What my Master said I still found Vague
I was not clear of what to say.

Reading well my thoughts as only He can
My Master chose to address the same
Spoke to me in a clear gentle tone
That did well in keeping my concerns away.

Now that you have heard the state of your Self
Know it the same as the Self or the Soul
Housed in the mortal body and mind
It acts only as a witness to their actions galore.

Slowly but surely I felt my doubts declined
Ventured to ask my Master how to realise the Self
Finding my request sincere in purpose,
He hastened to tell me further on the same.

To realise the Self,Learn to look Within
Mind as the carrier bring under control
This can be done by cleansing off its dust settled
Over it for years thro'your acts and failures.

Cleansing is done thro'a detached outlook
To all worldly affairs your Body plays
Hasten the process by providing support thro'
Scriptures and prayers and following the saintly says.

Do not forget,Never ever forget
All that you see in the material world
With all its actions,dramas and scenes
Is but an illusion as is a Dream.

You realise this illusion once the mind is cleaned
You then wake up from the sleep of Wordly Hounds
You then see and realise your true inner Self
A merger with this frees you from all wordly bounds.

Hearing this I felt a chill running thro'my veins
As I got up to thank and take leave of my Master
I knew the seed to realise my Self has been sown
Tis'now for me to nurture it and grow
Which I pledge I will try to do without fail.

But when I say this,I also realise
If what my Master told me of Self
I found it so difficult to absorb in me
How much more difficult I will find it to be
As I go thro' the process to realise the same.

@all rights reserved.do not copy.

Farewell to Thee

Oh London,A City of Tourists' delight
Everyone's dream to see U without fail
UR Culture and Heritage Rich and Splendour
Under A Monarch Popular and Wise.

I hail from India,a Land with Mystic Air
A Land rooted since Mythological Times
A Land You ruled over many decades
A Land resurrected now on its rise.

I know not why my son embraced You for his living
Though this made me visit you far more than once
Every time having stayed here for long
I now know You better than otherwise.

When I ask Myself the question
Whether all that I see in You
Is worthy to Replicate back Home
The answer I get is No,an Emphatic NO.

Greenary,Clealiness and Discipline
Plenty and Boutiful You Have acquired
Surely worth to carry back Home
Beyond I see nothing in U to admire.

The Silence on which You take much pride
Reminds me of the Silence Of Grave back Home
Devoid of any liveliness all around
I rather leave it for the Grave to hold.

Your not meddling in others' affairs
Did appeal me when I saw You first
But finding an Indifference in Neighbourly cares
It now appears to me more a self centred act.

Your Culture and Heritage truly Rich
But I find in it nothing to boast about
Tis no richer than what We have back home
Dating to periods long before your birth was known.

When I see the Children here spend their Times
In closeted doors be it in School or at Home
Outside weather playing truant at Will
Deprives them of mingling with Nature around.

I realise how fortunate we are back at home
Where Children together in open play
Midst Fun,Frolic and Joy galore,what a pity
Your children miss the joys of childhood days.

As I see my son with his kith and kin
Engaged in routine day to day chores
I see the Stress mounting in their eyes
Having to do everything all on their own.

It looks crazy for every Act
Minor or Major otherwise
One here has to do all by oneself
Devoid of any outside support.

Why my son chose U for his abode
I frankly do not know
Is it your external glitter clouding his sight?
He will then realise as he grows with age anon.

What Destiny has in store for me
I also do not know
Tis God's will if HE brings me here again
Time alone will tell
With my growing age and failing health
As I prepare to go back Home,
For the moment I can say but this
'Oh London I bid farewell to Thee'.

Composed By BAIYU London 07 Jan 2008
@all rights reserved.do not copy.

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